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Cozy Fall-themed Bedroom

I’ve been feeling pretty bummed out lately with everything going on, and since we’re spending pretty much every day at home now I thought it’d be a good idea to spiff the place up a bit! Specifically, our bedroom. I’ve never really felt like our bedroom was finished, at all, so I decided to finally figure it out! I mean, I have the time.

To really figure out what I wanted to do with it I thought about what makes me feel cozy and happy. What’s my favorite time of year? Well, it USED to be summer, but since the Summers in LA are almost entirely unbearably hot, my new favorite time of the year here is now Fall. Specifically, October, which is one of my favorite months, if not my absolute favorite because of so many things! Pumpkins, Halloween, Fall leaves, Halloween movies, pumpkin spice everything, Halloween candy, and the weather here during the fall is basically like perfect summer weather. It’s a win-win. Though, I do really miss seeing the leaves change.

It’s funny how different the weather is back home compared to here. People in Toronto live for summer, people in LA hate summer and live for Fall/Winter. It’s totally flipped. SO weird. But, I get it.

Anyway, I tried to figure out what color theme I wanted to go with. I mean I LOVE a good rust color. Warm tones, like beautiful fall leaves. I LOVE my pink sheets so I wanted to stick with that. So, through a lot of Pinterest pins and inspo images I decided on pink and terracotta orange for the bedding! I actually love how it turned out.

I picked up this duvet cover on sale from West Elm, and it’s the SOFTEST thing ever. 10/10 would buy again. I also got these sheets from The Company Store on sale, which somehow was literally the only place I could find this specific terracotta color that matches my Urban Outfitters amped fleece throw blanket in cantaloupe that I have on the end of the bed. For the finishing touch I added this throw pillow from Target, which is totally blush-colored but for some reason says “copper” as the color on the site.

Then, I needed to figure out our plain wall. I had a few necklaces strung up before, which honestly didn’t look great, but it was better than nothing. I got rid of all that though when I purchased this jewelry stand from Urban Outfitters.

It cleaned it up a lot, but now there was nothing but my crescent moon mirror on that wall! So I decided to hang up a few hats. But, it still looked so unfinished so I decided to make another collage wall, cause I love them and they’re super easy to do. I had a few frames from before, but I needed a few more to finish the look so I grabbed this 4×4 one, this carved wood frame one, and this plain white one.

Then I added a hanging pot and plant in the corner, a basket for my hair tools and blankets, and BAM! This wall was done.

Now I needed to add a few Fall-themed touches to really finish the look, so I grabbed some stuff from Michaels. I wrapped the fairy string lights that I always have around our headboard around this garland I picked up, and grabbed a few of these matching premade bouquets and put two of them in this metal milk jug vase. Somehow I really lucked out and they were all 40% off!

Then I grabbed a few pumpkins from Target because what is Fall without pumpkins?

I love these little knit pumpkins, they’re super cute AND cheap!

You’ll also notice I have a bunch of crescent moon decorations and eye things around. I just LOVE crescent moons and eye things, and I think it totally ties into my fall theme so that worked out well!

This hammered extra-long metal moon cycle banner is from Urban Outfitters, as well as the crescent moon mirror, the cosmic ceramic banner I have between our closets, and the eye jewelry multi-hook.

This eye jewelry multi-hook from Urban Outfitters is the perfect place to hang my custom Goob paw print necklace I got from Etsy. If you’re wondering, I got the 14k yellow gold filled 1/2″ pendant on a 16″ chain. It’s one of my favorite jewelry pieces I own because it’s literally my dog’s actual paw print on the front and I got his name engraved on the back. If you’re ever thinking of getting a gift for someone, I highly recommend getting them this! I got one for my Mom as well and she loved it.

For the final thing, I really needed an accent rug to tie it all together. I’ve been trying to figure out which rug to get since we moved in here over two years ago, and it truly took me until this to really figure out what I wanted. I kept debating on a geometric pink printed rug, a red and black Persian rug, or a Morrocan style rug, I just couldn’t decide! Then I thought, well, if I ever want to change up the bedding but I want something that’s going to go with everything I should probably just go with a neutral! After looking at a few inspo pics I decided on a white shag rug because the 60s/70s vibe is always my vibe, and if I want to change my bedroom theme up to a Christmas theme for the Holidays, it’ll still totally go with that.

I searched for a rug on SO MANY sites, and I narrowed it down to a few. I didn’t want to spend more than $150 on a 7×9 rug, which is quite the feat. I ended up finding this one from Target for under $100! Whaaat! Its actually been great too! It’s super soft, and since it wasn’t very expensive so if anything were to happen to it (I mean, it IS a white rug) I won’t cry myself to sleep over it. Lol. But for real tho.

We also ended up picking up a new little friend, The Child. He’s not exactly Fall-themed but he’s the cutest and he’s just under $20 from Target. I mean, come on. You can never go wrong with a Baby Yoda.

So there you have it, our cozy Fall-themed bedroom! I’m actually going to keep it like this all year round with the exception of the Holidays I think! I do feel a lot happier and calmer in this room now because my environment totally affects my mood, so mission accomplished!

Do you have a favorite season? Have you redone your bedroom lately? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

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