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The Broad

I’ve been trying to go to The Broad for years now, and somehow still hadn’t gone. It was driving me nuts! So I finally decided that on Tuesday May 14th we had to go and I reserved our tickets online. You can book your own tickets here. Before you go you have to book your tickets in advance, and there’s a few different time slots to choose from.  We picked 2:30pm time slot because I’m not an early riser. Oh, and just so you know its free to go! Other than parking, which is kind of hard to find. But we found a little parking lot spot for $8 just a few streets down. Not bad! Especially compared to the price of Toronto parking lots.

When we first arrived we found out that you have to drop off any purses or bags at the bag check at the front where you walk in. If you don’t you have to wear your bag on your front. Even backpacks. Ummm… no, thank you. So we checked my bag and headed up to the exhibit.

There’s also an app for The Broad where you can listen in and hear about the exhibits. So if you’re interested in that I’d bring some headphones or earbuds! We didn’t realize you could do that until we were already there and we didn’t have any on us, so keep that in mind if you decide to visit.

One of the first pieces we saw was this ginormous balloon animal sculpture.

This was a Buster Keaton sculpture!

Next, we saw a Yayoi Kusama exhibit. It was basically a tiny room of lights and mirrors that you look into. And you only get 45 seconds to explore the Yayoi Kusama exhibits so you gotta be quick! We only thought of something else cool to do after we were done so it was too late, but maybe you can do it! Instead of just looking straight into the mirror and taking a picture of yourself, have someone take a picture of your head peeking into the exhibit from the inside.

Then we discovered the Andy Warhol exhibit! One of my faves.

And then we found one of my other all-time favorite artists work… Jean-Michel Basquiat!

There was also some Keith Haring artwork in the same area as Basquiat. Makes sense.

And then we saw one of the coolest interactive exhibits at The Broad that initially sparked my interest in going – the GIANT table and chairs!

We then wandered around more and saw even more things!

The final thing we saw was the Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirrored Room. We were worried we might not get a chance to see it because it’s such a popular exhibit and you have to sign up to go in at certain times. When we first got to The Broad there weren’t any time slots open, but after we were done looking at the exhibits we went downstairs and saw that they had opened up time slots again to see it! We quickly hopped in line to use the iPad and signed up! You just have to sign up with your name and phone number to get on the list. They text you when you’re allowed to go in and see it. You’ll get a confirmation text first, just know that this doesn’t mean you have to go line up to go in just yet. You have to wait for the second text that lets you know your time slot is now open to go line up. You get 15 minutes to go wait in line and then after that you’ve missed your spot. Don’t miss it! We just wandered around the museum again until it was our turn. Then we finally got to go see it!


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To infinity and beyond 🚀🛸✨

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Again you only get 45 seconds with to experience this exhibit, so know what you want to do for your pictures before you go in. The only struggle with taking pictures in this exhibit is that the lights flash on and off so your camera may have a hard time adjusting quickly.

All in all a solid and FREE afternoon trip in our new city of Los Angeles. Definitely worth going if you can!

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