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Road Trip from Toronto to LA // PART 2 : DENVER – MOAB – LAS VEGAS

On Wednesday July 18th we left Omaha, Nebraska and headed out towards Denver, Colorado. It took us 8 hours to get to Denver. We didn’t really get a chance to explore downtown Denver when we were there because we only got to Denver in the evening and we really wanted to be well rested for our day in Utah! So instead of hanging around Denver for the day we figured we’d just power through the drive from Colorado to Utah and have more time in Utah! It was just over a 6 hour drive from Colorado to Utah, and after sleeping in we didn’t want to get to Utah too late because we wanted to see everything on the way there. So the morning of July 19th we packed up and left immediately. Honestly, just driving through it was enough for me though. The landscape in Colorado is insane.

By the evening of July 19th we were in Utah! I gotta say, Utah was the most mind blowing for me. It looks like Mars!

We ended up staying in Moab, Utah which is right beside the Arches National Park. It’s also where they’ve filmed a ton of stuff, like the beginning of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and most recently – Westworld! Moab is the tiniest little desert town. They don’t even have a Walmart. That’s how tiny it is. It was wild! I can’t imagine actually living there, but it was fun to visit.

We stayed overnight in an Airbnb, and ventured to the Arches National Park the morning of July 20th.

See those tiny specks at the bottom of the arches? THOSE ARE PEOPLE. It’s MASSIVE.

This is just a lil shot of me whinin’ about how hot and tired I was. It was like 40 degrees celsius, AKA 104 degrees Fahrenheit for my American homies. It was HOT. I mean, the desert in the middle/end of July is basically like walking on the surface of the sun. Still fun, just sooo hot. And if you’re wondering, “Hey Kristina, if it was so hot… why are you guys wearing pants?” To that I say – BECAUSE WE WERE GOING TO GO HORSE BACK RIDING AT OUR NEXT STOP BUT THAT DIDN’T END UP HAPPENING SO WE SUFFERED FOR NOTHING OKAY. Ughhh.

After we visited the arches for a bit we decided to check out some of the shops on Main Street before we got back on the road again.

One of them had these cute lil dudes. I had to pick one up.

Everyone meet Brisco, he’s on the left. I may or may not have binge watched all of Frasier before this road trip. Anyway, after checking out the shops we had to embark on our journey to Monument Valley! It was definitely a journey. It took us about 3 hours to drive from the Arches National Park to Monument Valley. We stopped at the Forrest Gump marathon shot location on the way there which was pretty cool.

Here I’m demonstrating when he decided to stop because he didn’t feel like running anymore.

We got to Monument Valley at sunset… which was AMAZING.

We checked out the views and the shop and then headed on our way to Las Vegas!

It took us about 6.5 hours to get from Monument Valley to our hotel in Las Vegas. Overall this day involved the most driving. And we were feeling it!

We made it to our hotel in Las Vegas early in the morning of July 21st. We got a room at the Palazzo, and it was a pretty baller room not gonna lie.

In the morning we walked around the vegas strip a bit before our drive home to LA.

We’ve already been to Las Vegas a few times and we were anxious to be home already so we didn’t stick around too long. We did go to the one place that¬†Matt really wanted to go to though. Freakin’ Top Golf! Of course. Cause he’s obsessed with golf. Me? Not so much. For some reason LA doesn’t have Top Golf yet, which is super weird, but whatever. After going to Top Golf for an hour we got back on the road and drove the 4 hours to get back home to LA that night. We literally spent less than 24 hours in Vegas.

It was an exhausting adventure, but one I’d do again in a heartbeat.

I can’t wait for the next road trip!





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