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Clogs – A Love Story

I love shoes. One might argue that I have way too many. But I don’t think so. The way I see it is that you should aim to have a collection of all of the basics. And I don’t mean just a pair of sneakers and maybe a pair of heels. I mean, you should have a few styles of each possible shoe you may ever need. Overkill? Maybe. But somehow even with my extensive shoe collection I’ve never owned a pair of clogs. I know. CRAZY.

When I get a pair of shoes I need them to be comfy. My problem is that I love the look of heels, but I find them unbearably hard to walk in and insanely uncomfortable after a short amount of time. I’m talking within minutes I’m like, “Alright. I’m out. Where are my vans?” The problem is vans don’t go with every outfit. I mean, for my style they go with almost every outfit, but sometimes an outfit just calls for a cute pair of heels. I just thought that it’d be impossible for me to actually wear some. That is… until I got a pair of clogs!

They are SO easy to walk in and are actually super comfortable?! What the. I never thought I’d see the day I could wear a pair of heels and actually be comfortable. Also, clogs totally go with my 60s/70s aesthetic. So it’s a win-win.

When you think of clogs your first thought is probably that of Swedish Hasbeens. They seem to be the most popular clog these days. But they also come with a steep price tag of $230 which is definitely out of my price range. So I looked up some alternatives. I quickly scooped up a pair from Lotta From Stockholm. They basically have exact dupes of Swedish Hasbeens for only $76.85. Ummm, yes please?!

Left to right: Swedish Hasbeens Peep Toe High Clog in Black ($230), Lotta From Stockholm Peep Toe Clog in Black ($76.85). Try and tell me that these don’t look EXACTLY the same.

I actually picked up the Highwood Open Clog in Black from Lotta instead of the Peep Toe Clog. Very similar, but with more of a basic toe design. PS -They ship from the UK so if you’re in the US be prepared to wait a few weeks to receive them. I also grabbed two pairs from Free People as a friend had suggested them when I mentioned I wanted to get a pair of clogs. I picked up the MIA Greta Clog in Black and Tan. They retail for $99. A bit pricier than the Lotta’s.

Now the real question is which pair would I like the most?

Well, here’s the comparison:

Left to right: Lotta from Stockholm Highwood Open Toe Clogs in Black ($76.85), MIA Greta Open Toe Clog in Black ($99), MIA Greta Open Toe Clog in Tan ($99)

My first thought was that I didn’t like the tractor bottom of the MIA Greta clogs in comparison to the thinner smoother bottom of the Lotta’s. I feel like the MIA Greta clogs just look chunkier. Less sleek and way bulkier. They also felt way more unstable when I walked in them. The dreaded wobble started happening with both of the MIA Greta clogs. You know what I’m talking about. The potential of a rolled ankle was not something I was looking for. The Lotta’s felt way more stable. Smooth. Comfortable. I just didn’t feel like I’d roll an ankle in these. I was shocked. I loved the cheapest pair of clogs I could find the most! That never happens to me! I always lean more towards the most expensive item, even if I don’t know the prices. Such a win for me!

Overall I’d say if you’re in the market for a new pair of heels, or more specifically a new pair of clogs, I’d highly recommend going for a pair from Lotta from Stockholm!

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