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Palm Springs // Moorten Botanical Garden

On our last day in Palm Springs we decided to visit Moorten Botanical Garden! I have a thing for Botanical Gardens if you haven’t noticed yet and desert plants are my absolute favorite, so it only made sense for us to visit this place. Also, it only costs $5 each to visit! Amazing.

Apparently the real name for these lil guys is not “Skinny Digletts” as I like to call them.

…I’m still gonna call them Skinny Digletts.

This place is literally the cactarium of my DREAMS. If I had tons of money and my own house with a bit of land I’d totally have one of these in my backyard. Actually, I’d totally want one of these in my house! That would be the coolest. Maybe one day…

Okay so… these lil guys totally reminded me of the mandrakes in Harry Potter. Herbology here I come, where’s Professor Sprout at!?

Here I am scouting out the lil plant dudes you can take home at the end of the tour. I wanted them all but there was one that stood out to me the most…

My boy BOB! I named him after Bill Murray’s character Bob Wiley in the classic comedy “What About Bob?”. If you haven’t checked that film out… you gotta. It’s the best.

Here’s the trailer just to force some classic comedy on you:

Overall, our little trip to Palm Springs was super relaxing and really cool. It literally feels like a desert version of Pleasantville to me. Everything there is perfectly manicured and maintained. It kinda feels like nothing can go wrong there. It’s super weird. It’s like a desert oasis. At least in my new favorite area, Palm Desert. I definitely can’t wait to go back!

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