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    Back to the Grind // Smile Brilliant Custom Night Guard

    The last Smile Brilliant product I tested out was the CariPro Toothbrush back in 2019, which I still love and use to this day. Before that, it was the teeth whitening kit, which was also the best teeth whitening system I’ve ever used, so when they approached me to partner up with them again to test out and review their custom night guard I said, “Heck yeah!”.

    It was oddly perfect timing since I had already noticed my jaw and teeth were hurting on days that I was exceptionally stressed out. I realized I was grinding down and chipping some of my teeth, particularly the front right one while I slept! I tried to prevent further damage from grinding my teeth by trying a cheap boil-and-bite night guard, but it was literally THE WORST. It was super hard, clunky, and uncomfortable. Overall, not great.

    Smile Brilliant’s custom night guard on the other hand is small, custom-fitted, and soft. The complete opposite of the horrendous boil-and-bite night guard. Smile Brilliant’s night guard is the exact same kind you’d get from the Dentist! Dentists have used the same lab to produce their own night guards. So it’s literally the same thing, but at a fraction of the cost. I’m talking hundreds of dollars less. A night guard from the Dentist can cost up to $800 (OR even more? Excuse me? Hwhaaaat?) I’ve known people who’ve had those fancy custom guards from the Dentist, but since I’ve never had dental coverage, I’ve never been able to afford to get one. UNTIL NOW.

    Here’s the side-by-side comparison between my horrendous boil-and-bite night guard and my custom-fitted smile brilliant night guard.

    Left to right: Horrendous boil-and-bite night guard and Smile Brilliant Custom Night Guard

    It costs $129 to order the initial impression set and one custom night guard. It’s definitely more expensive than the boil-and-bite guards you can get, but you’ll see why. You just make the mold yourself with the impression kit, exactly like you would with their teeth whitening kit, but you only have to do one mold of your top or bottom teeth (I chose the top). It’s super easy to do. Then you send it back and in about a week you’ll get your night guard in the mail. They keep your night guard mold on file too, so if you end up needing a replacement (if you use it daily you’ll prob need a new one every 3-6 months) you can get one for $40/guard.

    So, what was my experience like? Well, I’m the worst sleeper so I was pretty nervous about it wearing it to sleep. Matt calls me the Princess and the Pea because even the slightest thing can make it harder for me to sleep. My first try with it? Initially, I thought the fit was fine, maybe just a little snug around my front teeth. But, after a few hours I ended up taking it out while I was half asleep! It had started to make my front tooth ache pretty bad so I unconsciously took it out to make the pain stop, lol. I tried it again the next night, but it kept hurting, like way more than just an uncomfortable feeling that you might have when you’re getting used to it. It actually felt like I was punched in the tooth or something. So, I reached out to my contact at Smile Brilliant and they had me return the night guard so they could inspect it. If you have any pain like I did when you try a night guard, you’ll want to get it checked so that you’re not accidentally shifting your teeth. Also, you want to actually wear it and you’re obviously not going to if it’s causing you pain.

    They decided to send me a new impression kit so I could redo the mold. If you have the same problem that I did, don’t worry, an additional impression kit and fitting are covered in your purchase. There aren’t any additional fees to get the right fit. In about a week I received my new night guard and tested it out. This time while using it I could actually sleep without any discomfort or pain. With the right fit, it’s drastically better than the cheap boil-and-bite guard I had before. It also fits snug enough so I can drink water while wearing it and it doesn’t move around at all. I’m notorious for drinking a ton of water during the night, so that was a concern of mine. Do I LOVE wearing a night guard? No. But will I be wearing it when I feel super stressed out? For sure. It definitely helps.

    They say it can take a few weeks of daily use to really get used to it. It’ll probably take me that long, if not longer because everything bothers me (lol). But when I do need to wear a night guard I’ll definitely be reaching for this one. 100%. Every time.

    Also, I think it’s good to note that you have a 45 day window to get a full refund if you try it out and aren’t happy with it. It’s pretty risk-free if you keep that timeline in mind.

    If you’re interested in getting one for yourself, you can grab one here. And don’t forget you can always use my code “kristinajohnston20” so you get 20% off your night guard!

    Until next time,